About – Harmonious Chords – Instrument String Earrings

Oh hi!  Lend us Your Ears...

We'll sing you a song... "Harmonious Chords Earring Company" is a new woman-owned company that up-cycles "cast-off" items (like used instrument strings) into unique earrings— for every ear. Much like a community—chords are made up of more than one note blending together. Let's share our creative ideas/solutions with one-another— in an effort to build more harmonious and sustainable habits.  

Wearing Harmonious Chords Earrings

One of the cool things about Harmonious Chords Earrings is that they are light-weight. You can wear large-sized loops that don't tug on your earlobes—which make them more comfortable to wear (even with clip-on and screw-back styles) our handmade, eco-friendly earrings are sure to feel and look harmonious. Be sure you follow us onInstagram @harmoniouschords_earring_co to see the newest styles as they become available. If you don't see it in our online shop to buy just send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or through our website and we'll be in touch about your request.  

What are Harmonious Chords Earrings Made Of?

All of our earrings are made from "used" instrument strings. Some musicians change their strings every two weeks. If you're like me, it's every two years... no matter, when they bounce free we collect them from our tiny, local music shop. We sort them, and "clean" them (to the best of our ability), and based upon their size and tension we turn them into loops, hoops, bar and ball styles. 

For every ear. For anyone and everyone. Don't have pierced ears? We can make clip-on/ screw-back styles. Contact us.

  • All ear wires and findings are Nickel-free
  • Silver ear wires are Stainless Steel
  • Gold ear wires are 18k gold plated
  • Antique bronze, copper and brass finishes are Nickel-free
  • Misc instrument strings*
* We typically don't know what each string is made of. (Unless we receive the original packaging from used sets.) In general, strings can be made from stainless steel, brass, nickel...
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